Educators on FIOR
(Financial Independence Optional Retirement)

Real Educators. Real Stories.

We all benefit from stories.  I created this blog to share my story of a two educator family pursuing the path to financial independence.

This page features the stories of other educators on the path. No matter where you are on the journey, how you’re making progress, or your eventual goal your story is valuable to someone! If you are interested in sharing your story please send me an email at educatorfiblog (at) gmail(dot) com.

Shouldn’t that be FIRE and not FIOR?

This series used to be titled educators on FIRE (financial independence retire early.) However, I’ve learned that very few educators are driving towards early retirement. Instead, we want to be financially secure (FI) and have the option to retire. So – it’s now FIOR for Financial Independence Optional Retirement! Pronounce is the same way if it makes you feel better.

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Conversations with Educators on the Path